When you’re playing soccer, you want a shoe that has plenty of grip, but also allows you to move easily on the field. According to Soccer Garage, the position you play also determines the kind of shoe you want. For instance, agile strikers will want good support and grip for maneuverability. Here are the top adidas cleats, ranked by utility.

There are numerous adidas soccer shoes that deliver the function that you need while being stylish at the same time. The Pure Control Form has a low ankle that clings to the body. This allows for easier movement while running and kicking. A thin layer of dots is located at the upper part of the shoe for better control of the ball.

One of the best pairs of adidas soccer cleats is the Copa Ground design. Made with full grain calf leather, you have the support and softness that you desire that combines together for a smooth effect while on the field. The flexible plate inside the shoe allows for easy movement. There are studs that have a cone shape on the bottom of the shoe to give better grip while you’re on the field. The Messi Firm Ground cleats have a similar design, but the toe is softer with the shoe made more for running instead of kicking.

When you’re looking for soccer gear, you want a pair of cleats that has plenty of support on the ankle. According to Soccer Garage, ankle support is important for running and twisting the foot as you fight for control of the ball. The adidas Primemesh Firm Ground cleats have the stability for the ankles with an upper part of the shoe. The thin film helps to keep the shoe snug against the foot and ankle while keeping water and debris out.

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